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  • New Products

    • Salsecco

      Sal Secco Dried Black Olives

      Sal secco black olives are grown and cured in Morocco. These dried black olives are hand selected to be of peak ripeness and are then cured Read More »
    • Tagliatelle

      Tagliatelle Nido

      Tagliatelle, which takes its name from the Italian verb “tagliare” meaning “to cut”, are broad, flat noodles just slightly thinner than fettuccine. Popular in the cuisine Read More »
    • Stracchino_0


      Many people don’t know that some famed Italian cheeses such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola originated from another popular Italian cheese: Stracchino. Stracchino is a soft cheese Read More »
    • Pecorino_Crosta_Nera

      Pecorino Di Pienza Crosta Nera

      It’s true that many varieties of Italian sheep’s milk cheese (or Pecorino) are famous around the world. Indeed, Pecorino di Pienza is one of the most Read More »
    • Perlagrigia


      Hailing from Veneto, Perlagrigia (or Sottocenere) is an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk. Perlagrigia means ‘œgray pearl” because this semi-soft cheese is covered with a Read More »
    • Tuna_heart

      Cured Tuna Heart

      Cured Tuna Heart is a traditional ingredient used in Sardinian cuisine. Commonly grated over pasta or used to flavor sauces, this unique product adds a savory Read More »
    • Farro_Cookies

      Organic Farro Biscuits

      These organic cookies incorporate the use of farro flour to add some whole grain goodness to a delicious, organic snack! With their toasty, nutty flavor these Read More »
    • chocolate_torrone_with_orange_and_pistachios

      Chocholate Torrone With Orange And Pistachios

      If you love Italian sweets, this is definitely the candy for you. It is a soft nougat torrone, a truly delicious Christmas dessert. Dark chocolate is Read More »
    • mini_torroni_with_chocolate_orange_and_almond

      Chocolate Torroncini With Orange And Almond

      Enjoy these delicious bite-sized traditional Italian nougat, the most popular Italian Chrismas sweets, excellent as afternoon snack or on-the-go treat. But what is this nougat made Read More »
    • Fiore-di-Bufala

      Fiore Di Bufala

      Fiore di Bufala is new Italian cheese coming from Lombardy. While the region has long been known for its fine dairy industry and cheesemaking, they are Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • bianchinabest_ck1i-y1


      Bianchina is the newest delicacy produced by the Nicolau Farms. This mixed-milk cheese, named after one of the dairy’s beloved goats, is made following the traditional Read More »
    • picnic_pack

      Picnic Pack

      Looking for a quick and easy picnic snack? We’™ve got you covered with all the essentials. Tartufello, a Californian cow cheese studded with truffles, brings sophistication Read More »
    • Pecorino_Crosta_Nera

      Pecorino Di Pienza Crosta Nera

      It’s true that many varieties of Italian sheep’s milk cheese (or Pecorino) are famous around the world. Indeed, Pecorino di Pienza is one of the most Read More »
    • white-truffle-oil

      White Truffle Oil “selezione Tartufi” 2.2 Oz

      White winter truffles are some of the most sought after and rarest food items in the world. These incredible funghi are found in the hill of Read More »
    • vacche_rosse

      Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse

      Parmigiano (or Parmesan) is definitely the most popular representative of Italian cheeses abroad, thanks to its dimensions but most of all to its rich flavor and Read More »
    • milk_biscuits

      Organic Milk Biscuits

      These deliciously simple Organic Milk Biscuits are made with using only top quality ingredients, for a healthy and tasty snack you can trust! Made with organic Read More »
    • organic_chickpeas

      Organic Chickpeas

      Alce Nero organic chickpeas are grown and selected in Umbria region, in Italy. For their perfect texture and high quality, Alce Nero chickpeas are beyond compare! Read More »
    • Eggplant_Parmesan_Grandi_Tondi_USA

      Eggplant Parmesan Grandi Tondi

      Eggplant Parmigiana is a classic dish usually associated with Naples but found all over Southern Italy. The combination of eggplant, basil,tomatoes and olive oil invoke the Read More »
    • Gourmet_Gift_Basket_Buffalo_Cheese

      Buffalo Bonanza

      Check out the hottest trend on the cheese scene: Buffalo Milk! You may have had Buffalo Mozzarella before, but a handful of Italian cheesemakers are exploring Read More »
    • tomato_pulp

      Organic Tomato Pulp

      Our organic tomato pulp is made from beautiful, ripe Italian tomatoes, thanks to the excellent climate and soil conditions of Val Mezzano, where they are grown. Read More »
  • Best Sellers

    • Pane_Carasatu

      Pane Carasau

      Pane Carasau is a traditional Sardinian flatbread. Also called “carasatu”, “carasadu”, “crasau”, or “carta da musica” (music sheet), this artisan bread is a crispy flatbread consisting Read More »
    • Taleggio-Raw-Milk

      Taleggio Raw Milk Dop

      Taleggio Raw Milk DOP is a very popular Italian cheese produced on the mountains of Val Taleggio. Famous for it’s pungent aroma and delicious taste, Taleggio Read More »
    • peposo_white

      Pecorino Peposo

      From Canti, makers of classic Tuscan Pecorino, comes another delicious classic: Pecorino Peposo. This semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese has black peppercorns added during the cheese-making process, Read More »
    • rigotte_chevre

      Rigotte De Chevre

      The Rigotte de Chevre is a magnificent little cheese. Hand made from pasteurized goat milk, this French cheese has a white “brainy” geotrichum rind. Like all Read More »
    • Robiola-3-milk

      Guffanti Three Milk Robiola

      Three milk Robiola is a fresh and creamy cheese with a very rich flavor, and is generally consumed fresh. This soft-ripened cheese features intense flavors of Read More »
    • Pitted-Castelvetranos

      Pitted Sweet Sicilian Olives

      These sweet olives, more commonly known as Castelvetrano olives, are grown in near the town of Castelvetrano in Trapani, western Sicily. A farming community, Castelvetrano is Read More »
    • wildflower

      Wildflower Honey & Pecorino Filiano

      Here we are with another cheese and honey combination: Pecorino di Filiano cheese and wildflower honey. Wildflower honey Wildflower honey is among the most common and Read More »