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  • New Products

    • figs-hazelnut-pie

      Fig & Walnuts Panforte

      This is a special version of Panforte, one of the most traditional Italian desserts, originating in Tuscany. The main ingredients of this italian spicy tart are Read More »
    • Pevrin_2_0_1

      Pevrin Al Pepe Rosa

      The Pevrin cheese owes its name to the pink peppercorns which brighten up its rind and add a spicy flavor to the interior paste of this Read More »
    • Salsecco

      Sal Secco Dried Black Olives

      Sal secco black olives are grown and cured in Morocco. These dried black olives are hand selected to be of peak ripeness and are then cured Read More »
    • brillat_Savarin

      Triple Cream Brillat Savarin

      This is the ultimate French luxury cheese. Perhaps the most renowned triple cream cheese in the world, Brillat Savarin is made in France and named for Read More »
    • Provolone_Mandarone_0

      Provolone Mandarone

      Provolone is a pasta filata cheese traditionally produced in the South of Italy. At the beginning of the 19th century, Provolone was introduced to Lombardy becoming Read More »
    • Gourmet_Gift_Basket_italian_collection_47e2-by

      La Cena Italiana Gourmet Food Collection

      Dinner is served with this pasta and sauce collection, one of our special pasta gift basket ideas. Just a few minutes is all it takes to Read More »
    • black_walnut

      Black Truffle, Walnuts And Black Olives Cream

      This truffle flavored Pate is a fresh delicious spread made with Italian black truffles, olives, and walnuts. This tapenade will enrich your appetizers with a savory Read More »
    • SW_Challerhocker


      Challerhocker is a washed rind cheese with a dense, smooth interior. This semi-hard cheese has a creamy feel on the palate and complex flavors with notes Read More »
    • Gourmet-Gift-Basket-Mozzarella

      Italian Classic Antipasto

      Discover traditional Italian antipasto. Now you can enjoy it at your house! With 2 pieces of fresh, handmade Buffalo Mozzarella, sliced Prosciutto San Daniele, and marinated Read More »
    • vacche_rosse

      Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse

      Parmigiano (or Parmesan) is definitely the most popular representative of Italian cheeses abroad, thanks to its dimensions but most of all to its rich flavor and Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • SW_Gruyere_1655

      Gruyere 1655

      Jean Marie Dunand is a Swiss cheese-maker boasting the production of a wonderfully delicious hard cheese called Gruyere 1655. Using the milks collected from the dairies Read More »
    • cacioricotta


      Cacioricotta cheese is a young, pressed cheese, and is often made from a blend of different milks. The one we offer is a blend of sheep Read More »
    • tomini

      Fresh Piedmontese Tomini In Oil

      These small Tomini (singular ‘œtomino’) marinating in oil look a lot like French or American goat cheese, but these are small discs of Italian cheese entirely Read More »
    • SW_Antons-Red-Love

      Anton’s Red Love

      Red Love is one of the masterpieces by the Bavarian cheesemaker Anton Holzinger. Inspired by Limburger, this is a washed rind cheese made with high quality Read More »
    • Pane_Carasatu

      Pane Carasau

      Pane Carasau is a traditional Sardinian flatbread. Also called “carasatu”, “carasadu”, “crasau”, or “carta da musica” (music sheet), this artisan bread is a crispy flatbread consisting Read More »
    • stracchino_di_vedeseta

      Stracchino Di Vedeseta

      Stracchino di Vedeseta is the king of the Taleggios. Made in the same region, and presenting a very similar look, what sets this cheese apart from Read More »
    • IMG_4683_luce

      Parmigiano Reggiano & Balsamic Collection

      Parmigiano Reggiano is often called the King of Cheeses making it the perfect edible gift for your cheese boards. Though commonly grated over pasta, with its Read More »
    • nobile_di_capra

      Nobile Di Capra

      Nobile di Capra is a delicious goat cheese made in the Lombardy region of Italy. This washed rind cheese has a fruity and yet delicate flavor Read More »
    • Pecorino_di_Rocca

      Pecorino Di Rocca

      Pecorino di Rocca is an exquisite sheep cheese produced in Tuscany respecting the local art of cheese-making. This cave aged cheese reassembles all the characteristics of Read More »
    • acacia

      Acacia Honey & Grana Padano

      Delight yourself or your friends with a great cheese and honey appetizer: select your favorite cheeses and a find out the best types of organic honey Read More »
  • Best Sellers

    • Panettone_with_grappa

      Panettone Flavored With Grappa

      Panettone, the popular Italian fruit bread is similar to a fruitcake and is traditionally served during the holidays. To obtain this sophisticated version the traditional Panettone Read More »
    • Aceto-Olio

      Olive Oil And Balsamic Set

      Serving Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar together at the table as is more of an American tradition than it is Italian. Even so, both are as Read More »
    • frollini_muesli-FR255-sacchetto

      Organic Muesli Cookies

      This organic muesli cookies are made using organic extra virgin olive oil and whole grain muesli for a snack that is both nutritious and wholesome! Take Read More »
    • killeen_white

      Killeen Goat Gouda

      Killeen Goat Gouda hails from a farm in Ireland, nestled in the corner of County Galway. Partners Marion and Haske have owned the farm since 1990 Read More »
    • Brescianella_Fresca

      Brescianella Fresca

      Brescianella Fresca belongs to the family of Lombardian Robiola. While connected by name and history to the more familiar robiola from Piemonte to the west, the Read More »
    • anfossovnot

      Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Igp “silver Barrel”

      This balsamic vinegar from Anfosso is modeled after the traditional recipe made in Modena. A perfect balsamic vinegar for any of your daily uses– on meats, Read More »
    • Artichoke_Cream_2_2s7w-rp

      Artichoke Cream

      The flavors of spring are captured in La Rustichella’s Artichoke Cream. This simple puree of artichoke hearts and light sunflower oil makes a wonderful spread for Read More »