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  • New Products

    • RicottaTruffle_Cappellacci_USA

      Buffalo Ricotta & Summer Truffle Cappellacci

      Among Italy’s many culinary treasures, the truffle is at the top of the list. Their earthy, heady aroma and incomparable flavor are reknowned worldwide. In these Read More »
    • Mandorlive_Almond_Truffle_Green_olive

      White Truffle Cream “mandorlive”

      White Truffle “Mandorlive” is a handmade truffle spread made from almonds and Italian white truffles. Bring the gourmet luxury of the finest restaurants into you home Read More »
    • leonardo

      Leonardo Cheese

      Leonardo is a rustic, cylindrical Italian cow’s milk cheese. Made from pasteurized cows’ milk, Leonardo cheese is aged for a couple of months and boasts an Read More »
    • Bergamino_di_bufala_2

      Bergamino Di Bufala

      Bergamino di Bufala is an Italian cheese made from buffalo milk in the province of Bergamo, in Lombardy. Bergamino is a soft cheese, with a buttery Read More »
    • affidelice-au-chablis

      Affidelice Au Chablis

      Affidelice au Chablis is a soft cheese aged by renowned affineur Rodolphe Le Meunier. His dedication and particular attention to developing the flavor of his cheeses, Read More »
    • mixed_berrys

      Organic Mixed Berry Jam

      This organic mixed berry jam is produced with first quality fruit and without adding pectin and no added sugar. During production, the fresh fruit is collected Read More »
    • PAWLET


      Pawlet cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a semi-firm texture. It has a lightly washed rind and is aged for 6 months. Created after Read More »
    • Thanksgiving-cheese-platter

      Holiday Cheese Platter

      This Thanksgiving gift basket is dedicated to the cheese lover with a refined palate. We’ve brought together a unique collection of less common, small production cheeses Read More »
    • FR_Cremeux-des-Citeaux

      Triple Cream Cremeux Des Citeaux

      Cremeux des Citeaux is a delicious French cheese made from cow’s milk. Similar to its bigger relative Brillat Savarin, this triple cream cheese has a thin, Read More »
    • Yogurt_and_Honey_Cookies

      Organic Yogurt And Honey Cookies

      These organic yogurt and honey biscuits owe their delicious flavor to the addition of first quality yogurt and honey to this simple yet satisfying recipe. Made Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • alce_nero_barley

      Organic Pearl Barley

      Pearl barley is a very nutritious grain, which is easy to cook and use! Alce Nero organic pearl barley comes from the pristine fields of Umbria, Read More »
    • Nita-Crisp-Spelt_h5g4-9q_7q3l-36

      Nita Crisp Spelt Crakers

      These delicious spelt flour crackers are whole wheat! Made in Colorado, Nita Crisps are a favorite with all of our customers and pair wonderfully with cheese Read More »
    • acacia-honey

      Organic Acacia Honey

      This Acacia Honey is produced in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Tuscany. Each type of organic honey harvested by Alce Nero’s consortium of beekeepers comes Read More »
    • strawberry_jam

      Organic Strawberry Jam

      Alce Nero’s organic strawberry jam is made with no added sugar. Each 270g jar of fruit jam contains 270g of fresh fruit and just a bit Read More »
    • Porcini_Tortelloni_USA

      Porcini Mushroom Tortelloni

      The Porcini mushroom is the undisputed king of Italian mushrooms. In the autumn, when the season finally arrives, overflowing baskets of the plump mushrooms show up Read More »
    • Toma_Valsesia

      Toma Valsesia

      Toma is the name of a wide category of mid-size cow’s milk cheeses from Piedmont. Within this wide category of cheese, there are some special versions Read More »
    • Stout_cow_fjte-ih

      Stout Cow

      Tim Pedrozo is a third generation dairy farmer who in 1996 started the Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. After learning to produce Gouda-style cheeses from the Read More »
    • the_great

      America, The Great!

      If you are having folks over and are stressed about what to serve, let us help! The America, the Great! gourmet collection offers an assortment of Read More »
    • mini_torroni_with_chocolate_orange_and_almond

      Chocolate Torroncini With Orange And Almond

      Enjoy these delicious bite-sized traditional Italian nougat, the most popular Italian Chrismas sweets, excellent as afternoon snack or on-the-go treat. But what is this nougat made Read More »
    • blondiesbest_a3om-7l

      Blondie’s Best

      Blondie’™s Best is named for the Pedrozo’™s first cow. It is a younger, smaller version of Northern Gold cheese . During the cheese-making process, the wheels Read More »
  • Best Sellers

    • castagno

      Chestnut Honey & Blu Del Moncenisio

      Looking for special cheese gifts for your gourmet friend? This unique cheese and honey combination may be the right choice. Pairing honey and cheese: Chestnut Honey Read More »
    • Castelvetranos

      Castelvetrano Olives

      Castelvetrano olives have gained much notoriety in the past few years for their buttery, sweet flavor and fresh, crunchy texture. In fact, these Italian olives are Read More »
    • Wrinkled-Paglierina_443j-90

      Wrinkled Paglierina With Truffles

      Paglierina is a traditional Italian cheese from Piemonte whose names comes from the Italian word for straw (paglia), the material on which this artisan cheese is Read More »
    • citrus_jam

      Organic Citrus Jam

      This organic citrus jam is produced with first quality fruit and without adding pectin and no added sugar. During production this fruit jam is cooked at Read More »
    • peposo_white

      Pecorino Peposo

      From Canti, makers of classic Tuscan Pecorino, comes another delicious classic: Pecorino Peposo. This semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese has black peppercorns added during the cheese-making process, Read More »
    • blackbutte_cvf9-0c

      Black Butte Reserve

      Black Butte Reserve is the masterpiece of Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Co. This farmstead cheese is produced only in Spring when the pastures are in full Read More »
    • tuna_bottarga

      Tuna Bottarga 12 Oz

      Bottarga di Tonno (tuna bottarga) is a classic pantry item in any Sicilian or Sardinian kitchen. It is cured roe from tuna fish, which is used Read More »