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    • carletta-2

      Toma Cremosa Di Pecora – Carletta

      Toma Cremosa di Pecora (creamy sheep’s milk cheese) or “Carletta” (as it is often known) is a soft ripened cheese made with sheep’s milk, just as Read More »
    • chocolate_torrone_with_pistachios

      Chocolate Torrone With Pistachios

      Three decandent delicacies are brought together in this indulgent Christmas treat: soft, sweet nougat, rich dark chocolate, and the famed pistachios from Bronte. The final sweet Read More »
    • Pecorino_Fossa

      Pecorino Di Fossa

      Pecorino di Fossa, also called Ambra di Talamello, is one of the most exquisite and unique Italian cheeses. It is a traditional sheep cheese dating back Read More »
    • Truffle-Salt

      Black Truffle Salt

      Black truffles, one of Italy’s most prized culinary treasures, are blended into sea salt for a luxurious seasoning. The pungent, earthy aroma and flavor of the Read More »
    • Balsamic_Vigna_Oro_8.8_oz

      Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Vigna Oro

      Balsamic vinegar from Modena IGP “Vigna Oro” is a true delicacy. Aged and aged in oak barrels, this balsamic vinegar is ideal for flavoring meat, fish, Read More »
    • KaleCannelli_Cappellacci_USA

      Kale & Cannellini Bean Cappellacci

      White beans and kale are a classic combination and form the heart of many beloved Italian soups and stews. The pairing are reimagined in these cappellacci Read More »
    • Wrinkled-Paglierina_443j-90

      Wrinkled Paglierina With Truffles

      Paglierina is a traditional Italian cheese from Piemonte whose names comes from the Italian word for straw (paglia), the material on which this artisan cheese is Read More »
    • Brunet


      Brunet is a goat milk version of Robiola cheese. It is a bloomy rind cheese with a dense, thick and creamy paste inside. Its flavor, as Read More »
    • milk_biscuits

      Organic Milk Biscuits

      These deliciously simple Organic Milk Biscuits are made with using only top quality ingredients, for a healthy and tasty snack you can trust! Made with organic Read More »
    • Mini-Torroni-orange-pistachios_0fgg-li

      Torroncini Orange And Pistachios

      Bite-sized traditional Italian nougat is a perfect stocking stuffer or on-the-go treat. This version is studded with Sicilian oranges and crunchy, bold Bronte pistachios for a Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • Salsecco

      Sal Secco Dried Black Olives

      Sal secco black olives are grown and cured in Morocco. These dried black olives are hand selected to be of peak ripeness and are then cured Read More »
    • mahon

      Mahon Curado

      This Spanish cheese takes its name from the capital city and main port of Menorca, the smaller and most oriental Balearic island. The name also designates Read More »

      Tomme Des Pictons

      Do you love a classic French Morbier? Then this is the cheese for you! Similar to Morbier in almost every way, Tomme des Pictons is a Read More »
    • organic_chickpeas

      Organic Chickpeas

      Alce Nero organic chickpeas are grown and selected in Umbria region, in Italy. For their perfect texture and high quality, Alce Nero chickpeas are beyond compare! Read More »
    • chocolate_torrone_with_orange_and_pistachios

      Chocholate Torrone With Orange And Pistachios

      If you love Italian sweets, this is definitely the candy for you. It is a soft nougat torrone, a truly delicious Christmas dessert. Dark chocolate is Read More »
    • torrone_with_pistacchio

      Torrone With Pistachios

      Italian Torrone is made from honey, sugar, egg whites, and nuts. The texture and flavorings vary from region to region depending on local ingredients. Sicilfrutti has Read More »
    • Antons_peppered_Ass_-_cheese

      Anton’s Peppered Ass

      Anton’s Peppered Ass, or “gepfeffertes รคrschle” as it is known in German, is another whacky cheese coming from Anton Holzinger’s dairy in Austria. This Austrian cheese Read More »
    • FR_Brie

      Brie L’original Paysan Breton

      Though made by one of the larger Brie producers in France, this Brie goes back to its traditional roots. Most commercial Brie is stabilized, meaning it Read More »
    • FR_Galet-de-Tourainne

      Galet Du Cher

      Galet du Cher is a puck shaped goat cheese made in the Loire Valley, an area of France famous for its cheese. Very similar to a Read More »
    • Moliterno-al-Tartufo

      Moliterno With Truffles

      Moliterno sheep cheese (pecorino) is a raw milk cheese enhanced with Italian black truffles and is produced in Basilicata and Sardinia. The truffle is injected in Read More »
  • Best Sellers

    • Cacciatorino_5s26-g2

      Cacciatorino Handcrafted Italian Salami

      Salami Cacciatorino literally means “hunter’s salami’ and owes its name to its small, compact shape which lends itself well to a day out in the field. Read More »
    • polpa_pom._fresco

      Organic Tomato Pulp With Basil

      This Organic Tomato Pulp with Basil is made from perfect, organic Italian tomatoes, thanks to the excellent climate and soil conditions of Val Mezzano, where they Read More »
    • rod_cam


      Camembert is one of France’s most beloved cheeses and after tasting this version from renowned affineur Rodolphe Le Meunier, you’ll understand why. Aged to perfection under Read More »
    • Langherino


      Langherino is a version of Robiola cheese made in smaller wheels. It is a simple little cheese transformed into something far more than the sum of Read More »
    • edit-capont

      Rigatoni Ca’ Pont – Gluten Free Pasta

      Finally, an artisanal, Italian gluten free pasta! These Rigatoni ca’ Pont are made with a special blend of corn and rice flour to create a perfect Read More »
    • Nita-Crisp-Spelt_h5g4-9q_7q3l-36

      Nita Crisp Spelt Crakers

      These delicious spelt flour crackers are whole wheat! Made in Colorado, Nita Crisps are a favorite with all of our customers and pair wonderfully with cheese Read More »
    • Robiola-3-milk

      Guffanti Three Milk Robiola

      Three milk Robiola is a fresh and creamy cheese with a very rich flavor, and is generally consumed fresh. This soft-ripened cheese features intense flavors of Read More »