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  • New Products

    • Pane_Carasatu

      Pane Carasau

      Pane Carasau is a traditional Sardinian flatbread. Also called “carasatu”, “carasadu”, “crasau”, or “carta da musica” (music sheet), this artisan bread is a crispy flatbread consisting Read More »
    • Quercino


      Quercino is a tasty soft cheese with a sweet and some say “mustardy” flavor. This cow cheese comes from Piemonte has a thin bloomy white rind. Read More »
    • Small_Artichoke_2

      Artichoke Hearts In Oil

      Only the most tender, delicate hearts are chosen for Anfosso’s carciofini. Submerged in high-quality extra virgin olive oil, these mild artichoke hearts melt in your mouth. Read More »
    • Truffle_slider_auto_mod

      Truffle Slicer W / Rosewood Handle

      How to cut truffles? This truffle slicer is the perfect tool for fully enjoy your truffles experience. The stainless steel blade allows you to shave precise, Read More »
    • potter_cracker

      Potter’s Crackers – Wheat Flatbread Classic White

      The name of these simple crackers says it all. Organic wheat and pure California butter make for a straightforward yet delicious crisp perfect for any cheese. Read More »
    • PorciniTruffle_Mezzelune

      Porcini & Truffle Mezzalune

      Of all of Italy’s many culinary delights, the Piemontese white truffle is perhaps the most esteemed. Their arrive in the market in early winter is cause Read More »
    • Mimolette_Cheese

      Mimolette Cheese – Aged 20 Months

      Modelled after Dutch Edam, Mimolette, also called “Boule de Lille” o “Vieux Lille”, is one of France’™s more visually striking cheeses. Rumored to be a favorite Read More »
    • cacioricotta


      Cacioricotta cheese is a young, pressed cheese, and is often made from a blend of different milks. The one we offer is a blend of sheep Read More »
    • chocolate_torrone_almond

      Torrone With Chocolate And Almonds

      Torrone is a traditional Italian Christmas dessert, a sweet, toasted-almond candy, extremely popular throughout the whole country and wiht many famous regional variations. Torrone Nougat is Read More »
    • torrone_orange_and_almond

      Torrone With Orange And Almonds

      Torrone is considered as one of the oldest Italian sweets, very popular in many regions of the Peninsula, from Lombardy to Sicily. It is believed that Read More »
  • Featured Products

    • SOLA_VAL_CASOTTO_white

      Sola Val Casotto

      This Italian whole cow’s milk cheese made in the mountains of Piemonte is deliciously complex. Sola (sometimes called Sora) refers to the sole of a shoe Read More »
    • panettone_milanese_basso_bonifanti2_5stn-h7

      Panettone Gran Milanese Basso

      Panettone, the sweet Italian fruit bread from Milan, is synonymous with Christmas and New Year’™s. Many legends exist about panettone’™s origins. Some date back to the Read More »
    • US_Tipsy_Cow_8wfa-d0

      Tipsy Cow

      In 1996 Tim Pedrozo and his wife Jill bought a small herd of Holstein and Jersey cows and started the Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. Making Read More »
    • BR_Cave_Aged_Truckle

      Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle

      Made on the Ashley Chase Estate in Somerset, England, the Cave Aged Cheddar Truckle pays homage to the centuries-old traditions of making cheddars in this region. Read More »
    • Italian_Pandoro_Bread_Classic

      Pandoro Classic

      Together with the Panettone bread, Pandoro is another Italian Christmas dessert traditionally served during Christmas. Originating in the city of Verona, this soft, sweet yeast cake, Read More »
    • Pecorino_Peperino

      Pecorino Peperino

      Peperino pecorino is an artisan Italian cheese made in Tuscany from sheep’s milk. Early in the aging process, the whole wheel of cheese is placed in Read More »
    • PEPERsauce

      Red Pepper Pesto In Extra-virgin Oil

      This Red pepper pesto is made out of high quality red peppers and Italian extra-virgin olive oil. A creamy texture, a lightly sweet flavor and a Read More »
    • chocolate_torrone_with_orange_and_almond

      Chocolate Torrone With Orange And Almond

      Torrone, the famous almond honey nougat candy, is one of the finest Christmas sweets. Traditional Italian nougat is made with eggs, a mild honey, sugar and Read More »
    • nevat

      Nevat – Mini

      Nevat is a Spanish cheese produced in the Valassar de Dalt region, not far from Barcelona, using the special goat’s milk from the popular Murcia and Read More »
    • nobile_di_capra

      Nobile Di Capra

      Nobile di Capra is a delicious goat cheese made in the Lombardy region of Italy. This washed rind cheese has a fruity and yet delicate flavor Read More »
  • Best Sellers

    • Stout_cow_fjte-ih

      Stout Cow

      Tim Pedrozo is a third generation dairy farmer who in 1996 started the Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. After learning to produce Gouda-style cheeses from the Read More »
    • Langherino


      Langherino is a version of Robiola cheese made in smaller wheels. It is a simple little cheese transformed into something far more than the sum of Read More »
    • cesto1

      Truffle Gift Collection La Rustichella

      Truffles are one of the true gems of Italian cuisine. They bring elegance to any dish they enhance, enriching it with their deep, earthy flavor. This Read More »
    • Fiore-di-Bufala

      Fiore Di Bufala

      Fiore di Bufala is new Italian cheese coming from Lombardy. While the region has long been known for its fine dairy industry and cheesemaking, they are Read More »
    • plum_jam

      Organic Plum Jam

      Alce Nero produces excellent organic plum jams, using only 100% organic fruit, with no added sugar or pectin. Fresh fruit, a bit of grape and lemon Read More »
    • latteria_s_andrea

      Latteria S. Andrea Mezzano

      The word ‘œLatteria’ literally means ‘œdairy’ and it is used to refer to the Italian cheese produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia’s dairies. Latteria Sant’Andrea is a Read More »
    • SP_Manchego

      Farmstead Manchego (green Label)

      Manchego is undoubtedly the most popular Spanish cheese, both in Spain and abroad. Named after the town of La Mancha, famous for the figure of Don Read More »