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Bianchina is the newest delicacy produced by the Nicolau Farms. This mixed-milk cheese, named after one of the dairy’s beloved goats, is made following the traditional cheese making process, using only natural goat rennet. Each wheel of Bianchina is made from a blend of goat’s and cow’s milk, the ratio changing depending on the season. The cheese is aged for about 10 days and, thanks to the addition of a special mixture of geotrichum and penicilium candidum, its rind develops a white, pillowy surface. Both the cheese rind and interior paste are stark white, which is a clear indicator that this artisanal cheese is very young and fresh. Bianchina is a creamy cheese, especially under the rind and it becomes denser toward the center. Bianchina has the classic buttery flavor of jersey cow’™s milk, enriched by the typical bright and grassy notes of goat’s milk. Organoleptic properties Aspect and consistency: stark white rind and paste, creamy under the rind and dense toward the centre Taste: buttery and with grassy notes Serving suggestions A beautiful and striking addition to any cheese plate, and sure to satisfy when paired with Saison or Prosecco Cheese Pairing Wine: Pinot Gris Beer: wheat beer Jam: raspberry Ingredients Pasteurized cow and goat milk, animal rennet, culture, salt

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