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Blondie’s Best


Blondie’™s Best is named for the Pedrozo’™s first cow. It is a younger, smaller version of Northern Gold cheese . During the cheese-making process, the wheels are pressed more lightly than usual so as to retain a bigger quantity of moisture, and after a short aging period (2 months), they are ready. Blondie’™s Best is a light cheese, with a buttery flavor and a firm, springy texture. Tim Pedrozo is a third generation dairy farmer and cheesemaker at Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. Everything started in 1996 when Pedrozo and his wife Jill bought some Holstein and Jersey cows. Their animals grazed outdoors on their pastures but soon realized that producing milk alone was economically unsustainable. Therefore, together with their family and 50 cows, the Pedrozo’s moved to the Sacramento Valley and opened the Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. They learned to make Gouda-style cheeses from the dairy’s prevoius owner, and in a couple of years they developed their own style in the production of cheeses, always keeping their commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship. Their healthy cows give a robust flavored milk, perfectly perceiveble in the Pedrozo’s raw milk cheeses. Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and texture: Natural yellow rind formed by brining. Interior is open-textured, moist and creamy with occasional eye structure Taste: Mild and milky with notes of fresh grass and butter Serving suggestions Serve with fruity, mid-bodied wines or microbrews. Ingredients Raw grass-fed cow’s milk, traditional rennet, salt, culture

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