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Butter With Fleur De Sel


Beurre de Baratte is an exquisite French butter which is produced in a traditional way called the “Baratte” (which means churned) method, by the famed master cheese-maker Rodolphe Le Meunier. First, the cow’s milk is left to rest for one day so as to develop a richer flavor, then the butter is hand-churned, hand-ladled and molded. Finally, the butter is salted and wrapped in its signature gold foil. Beurre de Baratte features a particular deep yellow color, and rich, luscious flavor due to the fresh grasses that the cows graze on on the cliffs of Normandy throughout the year. Organoleptic properties Aspect and consistency: golden sunflower yellow color with unctuous texture Taste: Unbelievably delicious, this butter is unlike anything else you’ve tried! Serving suggestions This butter is so fantastic, it shines alone on bread! It’s also marvelous melted over a filled pasta or on risotto with white truffles. Use as a ready-to-go condiment for fresh radishes.

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