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Caciocavallo Lucano


Caciocavallo cheese is considered to be one of the oldest pasta filata cheeses and dates back to the 1st century. While the origins of this cheese are disputed, one thought is that the cheese, which is tied with rope in pairs, was hung over the backs of horses (cavallo in Italian) for transport. Regardless of its beginnings, caciocavallo is a beloved product throughout southern Italy and truly representative of their regional cuisine. The Caciocavallo cheese making process is very similar to that of Mozzarella. The production starts when the curd is warmed in whey, cut in strips and put back into hot water and whey. The warm curds are kneaded, placed in hot water again and shaped into tear-drop shaped balls. They are tied in pair on ropes or in netting and hung for aging. Caciocavallo is typically found throughout southern Italy and is used in many regional dishes. Our Caciocavallo comes from Basilicata where the cheese is often eaten as a table cheese or grated over pasta. Aged three months, the cheese is milder and still retains some moisture. Aged caciocavallo, which can last up to three years, is robust and sharp.

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