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Camembert Dell’alta Langa – 3 Milk


The Langhe is the agricultural heart of Piemonte, Italy and sits close to the French border. For the Camembert Tre Latte, Caseificio dell’Alta Langa looked west into France for inspiration. Using the classic French Camembert as a model, Alta Langa gave the cheese an Italian twist, taking inspiration from the regional tradition of making Robiolas. While the bloomy white rind is the traditional Penicilim camemberti, the paste is made from a blend of cow, goat, and sheep milk, each bringing its own character to the cheese. This Italian vesion is milder and sweeter than the original with a bone white paste and becomes meltingly creamy when ripe. Tips and recipes with 3-Milk Camembert Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and texture: Bloomy rind with a creamy interior. Taste: Mild and agreeable flavor, rich with a hint of grass. Serving suggestions Pairs perfectly with a crisp white wine or some apricot jam. Cheese pairings Wine: sparkling wine. Beer: strong ale beer. Jam: apricot. Curiosities and Recipes with Camembert Baked Camembert in Pastry with Pears and Cramberries Baked Camembert for a Delicious Starter Camembert Cheese

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