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Castelmagno Dop – Winter Production Aged 12 Months


Castelmagno is one of Piemonte’™s most unique and esteemed cheeses. Made high in the mountains of the Val Grana, it is produced in only three small municipalities ‘“ Castelmagno, Pradleves, and Monterosso Grana. Awarded a DOP status in 1982, the production of the special Italian cheese is carefully controlled setting true Castelmagno apart from the several imitations made in the surrounding areas. After several days of aging, the curds are milled into small pieces and kneaded with salt. This gives the finished product, which can age anywhere from 60 days to upwards of two years, a unique moist yet crumbly texture. Young Castelmagno is bone white and has a strong tangy flavor. With age, the cheese may develop blue mold beneath the surface and in any fissures present. The flavor mellows developing buttery, grassy nuances. We source our Castelmagno exclusively from La Meiro, a small, family-run company, who proudly upholds the traditions of this rare regional specialty. In the town of Chiappi, former mechanical engineer Giorgio Amedeo has constructed a state of the art production and aging facility which houses some of Italy’s most coveted Castelmagno. It is here that Amedeo’s herd of twenty cows graze on the lush grasses and flowers provided by the surrounding alpine mountains during the summer While an interesting table cheese served with chutney or honey, Castelmagno really expresses itself when made into luscious Piedmont’s regional specialties like Gnocchi and Plin al Castelmagno. Castelmagno Cheese: Tips, Infos and Recipes Aspect and texture: color ranges from creamy white to a warm yellow with a compact and crumbly paste. The ripened versions have blue-green viens and may develop patches of marbling beneath the rind. Taste: strong and intense with faint traces of stables and a strong flavor when correctly ripened. Serving suggestions Perfect with rye bread and polenta. Often served as a sauce over gnocchi or stuffed inside traditional Plin al Castelmagno. Cheese pairings Wine: full bodied, aged red wines, as well as sweet and liqueur wines. Beer: Scotch Ale. Jam: blueberry. Honey: chestnut. Ingredients Raw cow’s milk, traditional rennet, salt, cultures Recipes and other curiosities Gnocchi with Castelmagno Cheese and Walnuts Risotto with Castelmagno Cheese and Barolo How to Serve Castelmagno Cheese Castelmagno DOP: an Italian Cheese from Piedmont

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