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Comte Extra Aoc – Fruitiere


Comte cheese from high in the French Alps in the Jura region, is highly regarded as one of France’s most complex and flavorful cheeses. A well-aged piece of Comte is thought to contain so many different flavors and that an entire flavor classification chart was designed around this single cheese. With notes including rich meat stock, young grasses, roasted peanuts, freshly churned butter, and honey, you can be sure that a taste of Comte AOC is a true culinary experience. Each 80 lb wheel of Comte Cheese is made from 140 gallons of fresh milk of Montbeliard cows grazing within 25 kilometers of the dairies. Known as “fruitieres”, each of these dairies develops their own signature flavor profile. Our Comte Cheese is aged for 16-21 months and comes from Fruitiere 32. It is selected for its balanced flavor profile of toffee, heavy cream, and toasted nuts and its dense, smooth texture which coats the palate. An excellent table french cheese, Comte is also a great melter and really shines when incorporated into dishes such as gratins and casseroles. Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and texture: natural, brushed rind, smooth, dense firm interior with occasional horizontal fissures Taste: full, layered and complex with notes of fruit, hazelnuts, and caramel. Serving suggestions Robust and fruity red wines: Cotes du Rhone, red Burgundy, Beaujolais. Ingredients Raw cow’s milk, traditional rennet, cultures, salt

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