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Cremeux Des Citeaux With Truffles


Cremeux de Citeaux is a delicious French cheese from the Burgundy region in central France. A triple cream cheese made from from cow’s milk, Cremeux de Citeaux is intensely creamy and luscious. Similar to its bigger relative Brillat Savarin, this cheese has an edible, pillowy white rind and is rich in butterfat which gives the cheese its seductive texture. Though delicious on its own, this version combines the luxurious cheese with another Burgundian treasure – the black truffle. Midway through the short aging period, famed affineur Rodolpe Le Meunier splits the cheese in two, spreads on a thin layer of truffles, and seals the cheese back up. The heady, intoxicating flavor of the truffles permeates the cheese for a decadent experience. Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and texture: white, pillowy rind with ivory spreadable, smooth paste Taste: buttery with light notes of white mushroom Serving suggestions Serve with anything sparkling!

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