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Farmstead Manchego (green Label)


Manchego is undoubtedly the most popular Spanish cheese, both in Spain and abroad. Named after the town of La Mancha, famous for the figure of Don Quixote, Manchego is definitely a unique cheese, which explains the DOP status that Manchego received. This hard cheese is made using the raw sheep’s milk from the local Manchega breed, which gives Manchego a very special flavor. The cheese-making process is still the same used in the past, and esparto grass molds are still used to imprint the cheese rind with the classical zig-zag pattern, while small wooden boards are used to press the two faces of the form to imprint the wheat pattern. When young, Manchego cheese has a mellow and smooth paste, but after a period of aging it develops a pleasant sharpness and lanolin flavor. This version is a six-month old Manchego, and although it is a quite young cheese, it has already a quite complex flavor, with a perfect balance between bite and milkiness. The texture is firm yet supple Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and texture: natural rind with a firm paste with occasional eye structure Taste: full flavored yet mellow with a mild sharpness Serving suggestions Robust, earthy reds Ingredients Raw sheep’s milk, traditional rennet, salt, lactic ferments

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