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Fresh Black Fall Truffle


Black fall truffles are also known as Burgundy truffles, they are famous to their complex, earthy flavor. Used in the finest restaurant kitchen the world over to impart their unique flavor, black truffles are seasonally available on Sensibus for your at-home purchase. The black fall truffle (Tuber Uncinatu) is distinguished from the similar summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) by its more intense aroma and flavor. Black fall truffles ripen from September until December in central and northern regions of Italy. They usually grow in shady zones of broad-leaved woodland. Tips for storing fresh truffles Fresh truffles are a highly perishable product intended to be used as soon as possible. Due to their perishable nature they lose weight, flavor, and aroma each day. Stored properly truffles can be kept for up to five days. To maximize shelf life unwrap the truffles as soon as you receive them. Line the bottom of a small glass or plastic airtight container with cotton or paper towel. Wrap each truffle in a small piece of dry paper towel and store, tightly sealed, in the container. Keep the container in the refrigerator until you are ready to use the truffles. The paper towel wrapping should be replaced every day until you are ready to use the truffle. Enjoy! Serving suggestions Enjoy your truffle freshly shaved over your pasta, eggs, rice or mashed potatoes. Black fall truffle is also great sliced on beef carpaccio.

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