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Fresh Piedmontese Tomini In Oil


These small Tomini (singular ‘œtomino’) marinating in oil look a lot like French or American goat cheese, but these are small discs of Italian cheese entirely made from cow’s milk. Excellent on a salad or heavenly when served as starter, tomini are rindless, smooth and creamy cheese, which are characterized by a stark white paste. They have a mild tartness and aged in savory herbed oil. Each Tomino weighs only about two ounces, yet it is enough to comfortably feed two when served with crudites, salami and Italian olives. This cheese is perfect as an appetizer or on a summer cheese plate! Excellent when paired with uncomplicated wine, like a dry rose – Saintsbury’s Vincent Vin Gris, or a lively dry rose from Pinot Noir. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: soft, creamy, a bit spicy from marinade Taste: bright, milky, herbaceous Serving suggestions Toasted bread, roasted peppers, roasted figs or grapes, warmed olives with a touch tossed with olive oil & a bit of orange zest Ingredients Cow’s milk, rennet, salt, sunflower oil, wine vinegar, herbs and spice, garlic May contain traces of sulphites

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