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Holiday Cheese Platter


This Thanksgiving gift basket is dedicated to the cheese lover with a refined palate. We’ve brought together a unique collection of less common, small production cheeses from some of Italy’s finest cheesemakers. A diverse array, these luscious cheeses with dazzle your senses and your appetite with their unique and unforgettable texures, aromas, and flavors. Though they’ll make a perfect start to a Thanksgiving meal, we’d understand if you kept them all to yourself. The Thanksgiving Cheese Platter Gift Basket includes: Pecorino Filiano ‘“ 8 oz Approx Caprino Cheese with Truffles ‘“ 4.6 oz Cusie Cheese in Chestnut Leaves ‘“ 8 oz Approx Taleggio Cheese ‘“ 8 oz Blu Cheese Moncenisio ‘“ 8 oz Serves 6 – 8 Pecorino di Filiano is a firm sheep cheese produced in the Italian region of Basilicata, granted the Protected Designation of Origin. Caprino Cremoso with Truffle is a sublime fresh goat cheese with earthy truffle, a dreamy little cheese from Piedmont. Cusie with Chestnut Leaves is a “grand” cheese by Beppino Occelli made from cow’s milk and wrapped in chestnut leaves. We could’n t forget to include Taleggio, the famous Italian soft-ripened, washed-rind cheese, that with its fruity, meaty goodness will satisfy everyone. Finally, an exceptional Blu del Moncenisio completes our Thanksgiving relish tray, a fantastic Italian blue cheese aged and exported by Luigi Guffanti.

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"Sensibus is an online specialty food store. We sell high-end food products of the European and American Gastronomic Tradition, selected with the utmost care and expertise. Among our leading products, there's a wide range of Italian and French cheeses and a special selection of Italian truffles. Our products exemplify profound respect for nature, tradition and quality certifications, as well as traceability of the food supply chain." --- Sensibus LLC; More Details

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