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Mahon Curado


This Spanish cheese takes its name from the capital city and main port of Menorca, the smaller and most oriental Balearic island. The name also designates the breed of cows whose milk is used to produce this delicious hard cheese. In Mahon, the pastures are extremely rich thanks to the favorable climate and the sea winds. In fact, the high atmospheric humidity gives the grass a certain acidity and a slight saltiness. The climate, combined with the old artisanal cheese making traditions, handed down from generation to generation, wonderfully affects the flavor of this cheese. There are several varieties of Mahon, from young and semi-cured to very cured cheese, all packaged ready to be sent overseas. This version is an aged Mahon, with a characteristic orange rind rubbed with oil which works as a protective layer. The Mahon Curado has a hard and dense paste and a full and piquant sharp bite. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: oil brushed natural rind with a dense, hard interior Taste: flavors of toasted nuts, caramel, and brown butter. Serving suggestions Full bodies reds Ingredients Raw cow’s milk, salt, traditional rennet, cultures, olive oil & paprika rind

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