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Miez Paccheri Rigati – Gluten Free Pasta


La Fabbrica della Pasta makes pasta using ancient techniques which highlight not only the quality of their product but also the history, tradition and culture of the Italian culinary arts. Using a traditional bronze die to cut all their pastas, La Fabbrica della Pasta creates a truly superior pasta to what is often found of the shelves of grocery stores today. The bronze die leaves the surface of the pasta slightly rough which helps sauce be absorbed and stick for a more flavorful bite. The history of this pasta goes back five hundred years to the city of Gragnano in the province of Naples, the birthplace of Italian pasta. La Fabbrica della Pasta still makes its pasta in this city, and has named them all using local dialectic terms which harken back to the long history of pasta in the area. These Miez Paccheri Rigati are gluten free! Miez is a slang term meaning “half” because the pasta is just like a normal Paccheri Rigati but cut in half. La Fabbrica della Pasta has created a special blend of corn and rice flour to make a perfect al dente pasta for the gluten free diet. Serving suggestions: try with any of our sauces for a delicious meal.

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