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Mimolette Cheese – Aged 20 Months


Modelled after Dutch Edam, Mimolette, also called “Boule de Lille” o “Vieux Lille”, is one of France’™s more visually striking cheeses. Rumored to be a favorite cheese of Charles de Gaulle, Mimolette has gained a great deal of popularity both in France and the USA. Its distinctive cantaloupe-like appearance makes it a standout. Mimolette is a raw cow’s milk cheese; during processing, the annatto, a natural food coloring is added to milk, and that gives the paste a very intense yellow color, tending to orange. Another unique feature of the Mimolette is that the cheese rind is attacked from a type of mites, said cirons in French, which penetrate the cheese producing holes and making the crust rough. The Dutch and the French claim with the authorship of this cheese. During the 17th century, Louis XVI tried to bolster the French economy by increasing exports and minimizing imports. For people in the North of the country, this meant that Dutch products such as Edam, since ever a must in their homes, became unavailable. Due to this shortage, local cheese-makers came up with their own versions, and the result was Mimolette. Mimolette can be found in a wide range of ages, from 3 months up to 2 years. While the fresh version of the cheese is more common in the US, our Extra-Vielle Mimolette version is aged 20 months, and featurs a wonderful balance of flavor and texture. During the 6 months under affineur Rodolphe Le Meuiner’™s care, the cheese develops a firm yet toothsome texture. The Mimolette cheese taste develops the characteristic cheddar and caramel notes yet retains a mellow creaminess. Only the Mimolette Vieille and Extra-Vieille have obtained the AOC (DOP) designation. Curious to try Mimolette cheese? Buy it now on Sensibus. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: rough crust, with a dark orange color inside Taste: lactic, sweet, tangy milk flavor Serving suggestions How to eat Mimolette cheese? Mimolette can be appreciated at any time of the day, at breakfast, as a snack or after a meal; It can also be grated for cooking. Cheese pairings Mimolette cheese wine pairing: serve with a full-bodied red wine or a Chuche-Mourette (aperitif made from juniper brandy). Perfect with strong beer.

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