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Ol Sciur


Ol Sciur is a Italian blue cheese made from goat’s milk produced by Valentina and Roberto at their dairy in Bergamo. At La Via Lattea, which means ‘œThe Milky Way”, they still use ancient artisan cheese-making practices to produce their raw milk cheeses and respect dairy traditions of the area. They also use knowledge acquired from their Master of Arts degrees obtained in France and in Italy. La Via Lattea only produces raw milk cheeses. Ol Sciur is an innovative Italian cheese, a combination of tradition and modernity. Its name is a Lombardian dialectic expression meaning “The Lord” or “The Boss” due to the attention that Ol Sciur requires during the cheese-making process. First Ol Sciur is brine washed, then it is rubbed with a mix of berries and rose petals, which gives the cheese a deep crimson color and a strong smell of sweet fruit. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: Purple outside with a white-ish paste, slightly veined with blue Taste: The strength of the blue cheese is cut by the sweet fruitiness of the rind Serving suggestions On a dessert cheese plate with Vin Santo Ingredients Raw goat’s milk, assorted berries and rose petals, salt, traditional rennet, cultures

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