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Orange Blossom Honey & Brunet Cheese


Yes… What’s better than goat cheese with honey? This is maybe the most popular cheese and honey combination, due to the typical acidity of goat cheese that pairs incredibly well with sugar. Orange honey Honey has been known since ancient times and for centuries it was the only available sweetener. It was so important that the ancient Greeks called it “food of the gods”. Honey is not just a sweetener: it is a complete food with incredible organoleptic characteristics, depending on some factors such as the pollen collected by honeys, climate of the area where it is produced and more. Orange honey is very rich in B12 vitamins, and can be used to help relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue, and to improve appetite. For this reason, orange honey is perfect to have a relaxing and regenerative effect before going to bed. Orange honey is characterized by an intense aroma, a very light color and a very delicate flavor that makes it perfect to replace sugar in drinks such as tea. Find more information on orange honey. Brunet cheese Brunet is a goat milk version of Robiola cheese. It is a bloomy rind cheese with a dense, thick and creamy paste inside. Its flavor, as for most goat cheeses, is slightly tangy, with notes of grasses, mushrooms and cream. Read more on Brunet cheese. How to serve Brunet cheese with honey To make a delicious cheese and honey appetizer, serve a slice of Brunet cheese on a slice of dark bread with a drizzle of orange honey. Pair with a glass of white wine and some fresh berries.

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