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Organic Chestnut Honey


Chestnut Honey is a rare delicacy made by bees from the pollen of the chestnut tree. The result is a notably dark honey with a woodsy, bittersweet flavor. One of the most peculiar honeys, chestnut honey’s special flavor pairs particularly well with soft, funky cheeses. Alce Nero honey distinguishes itself by never being pasteurized and therefore maintaining all the flavors and health benefits of raw honey. This honey is harvested by a collective of beekeepers in Italy who have partnered with Alce Nero Company to continuing working in sustainable and organic ways. Founded in the 1970’s as a partnership between organic farmers and producers seeking higher quality ingredients, Alce Nero began as a honey company. Today Alce Nero remains true to their roots and still lists the names of the beekeepers who harvested each jar of honey and the month it was harvested on each bottle. Chestnut honey: benefits Chestnut honey is an excellent source of protein, B and C vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium and iron. Like all honeys, it is very caloric, therefore it is advisable to consume it in small quantities. This honey possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties much higher than those of honeys with more delicate flavor and lighter color. Chestnut honey has an extremely high antioxidant power and contains very high levels of phenolic acid, which helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals caused by pollution, smoking, pesticides, sunlight, drugs and metabolic processes of our body. Finally, thanks to its emollient and lubricants properties, it can be used to treat respiratory infections, persistent coughs and sore throats as well as digestive problems. Organoleptic properties of chestnut honey This honey is obtained from chestnut colored flowers and is harvested between June and October. Unlike many other honeys, it has a color ranging from yellow-brown to almost black, with very dark amber shades, and it varies according to the climate and and the refinement process; its smell is aromatic and its flavor woody and complex. In general, the darker it is, the richer and intense the flavor will be. Chestnut honey much less sweet than other types of honey and has a bitter aftertaste that can be especially appreciated on cheese. On the contrary it is not recommended to use it sweeten herbal teas instead of sugar. Its consistency is rather liquid and the reason lies in the richness of fructose which determines the absence of crystallization.

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