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Organic Orange Honey


Honey has been known since ancient times as a the only sweetener, and for centuries it has been the only available sweetener. It was so important that the ancient Greeks called it food for “gods” food. Yet, honey is not just a natural sweetener. Unlike sugar, in fact, it is a real complete food that owns incredible organoleptic characteristics, depending on some factors such as the climate of the area where it is produced. As to sugar, honey contains sugars both simple compound sugar: honey contains exactly 38% of fructose, 31% of glucose and 10% of polysaccharides. This means that 69% of honey is made of simple sugars, namely fructose and glucose, that’s why it is preferred even to sugar cane. This Orange Honey comes from the Southern regions of Sicily and Calabria. As with all Alce Nero’s organic honeys, it is collected by the Cooperative of Italian Organic Farmers and Beekeepers, a consortium of farmers with the common aim of sustainably harvesting local honey. Alce Nero’s honey is never pasteurized, so unlike most commercial honeys it retains all the health benefits of raw honey. Alce Nero is a leading brand of organic products in Italy which starts as a honey company. Still today on each bottle of honey, you can find the name of the beekeeper who harvested it! Orange honey: benefits Orange honey is very rich in B12 vitamin, which is known for its positive effects on the nervous system and brain. Vitamin B12 is in fact used to help relieve from the symptoms of chronic fatigue, and to give strength and to improve appetite. For this reason, orange honey is particularly suitable for those who want to get a relaxing and regenerative effect at the end of a working day or before going to bed, thereby improving their rest. Moreover, thanks to the B12 vitamin orange honey is an excellent depurative food, and for its soothing action on the nervous system, it is a perfect natural remedy to give relief from stomach pains. Organolpetic properties of orange honey Orange honey is characterized by an intense aroma, a very light color and a very delicate flavor that makes it perfect to replace sugar in drinks such as tea.

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