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Panettone Filled With Chocolate Cream


It takes three days of work, patience and a really special care for Bonifanti to make a single Italian Panettone, the Italian Christmas bread hailing from Piedmont. Care, wisdom and dedication are the secret ingredients that give birth to this true goodness. The first day the dough for the Panettone bread is prepared according to tradition and then is left to rest. The second day, when its volume has tripled, it is ready for the second stage, the so-called “second mixture”. In this phase the additional ingredients that will determine the specific taste of each Panettone cake are added: chocolate, raisins, candied fruit… Once again, the dough is left to leaven. On second rising and in the evening the cake is ready to be covered with glaze or grain and be fired. Finally, on the third day the Panettone is baked, and left to cool at room temperature throughout the whole night – a factor of extreme importance for the quality of the final product. This modern take on panettone is a chocolate lover’™s dream! In fact, the triple chocolate panettone cake is filled with creamy chocolate, covered with cocoa-laced icing, and then adorned with chocolate sprinkles.

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