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Panforte Margherita


Panforte is a traditional Italian dessert dating back to the Middle Ages. It hails from the city of Siena in Tuscany. It is considered a Italian Christmas cake, yet it is produced and eaten all year round. When Italy began trading with Asia, the traditional Panforte recipe was enriched with new ingredients, particularly spices. These spices gave Panforte its name which means “strong bread”. The basic recipe for “Panforte di Siena” is a mixture of sugar, honey, fruit like figs, nuts and flour. Depending on the particular flavor, other ingredients and spices are added to the Panforte. According to the tradition, still respected by the best pastry shops of Tuscany, our Panforte comes in wedges cut by hand. PANFORTE MARGHERITA: this variation of Panforte was created when queen Margherita visited Siena. Panforte Margherita is made by adding candied orange and lemon peelings and Tuscan spices to the traditional basic recipe. The result is a rich, sweet and scented cake. Ingredients: almonds, sugar, candied orange & lemon peeling, flour, honey, Tuscan spices, natural flavorings, starch & wafer.

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