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Pecorino Calabrese Riserva


The Pecorino Calabrese Riserva Max is made by Fattoria della Piana, a company that uses the latest technology all the while bearing in mind the centuries-old tradition of Calabrian artisanal cheesemaking. The rind of the Pecorino Calabrese Riserva Max is rubbed with olive oil. The cheese is aged for more than 1 year. The cooperative company Fattoria della Piana includes only farmers from Calabria. All of its cheeses are made with sheep’s milk collected in farms situated on Mount Poro, in the area around Crotone. Fun fact: the word Pecorino comes from the Italian word for sheep, ‘œpecora’. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: crumbly Taste: slightly sharp Serving suggestions Red wines. Aromatic honey. Hot pear or quince chutney. Pasta without tomato sauces, homemade bread. Best ‘œal naturale’ with cold vegetable dishes. Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, traditional rennet, cultures

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