Pecorino Piccantino


This particular Italian Pecorino cheese is made by mixing sheep’s milk with flakes of hot chilli pepper. The process gives this table cheese a special taste and an appetizing look when cut. The spicy flavor of the chilli blends beautifully with the full creamy flavor of the Pecorino cheese, resulting in a perfectly balanced taste. Piccantino is great for those who love strong cheeses. Piccantino Pecorino shines when paired with honey or Italian mostarda (pickled candied fruit). Organoleptic Properties Aspect and texture: Traditionally sized wheel with a creamy white paste, dotted with bright red pepper flakes Taste: Nutty and savory pecorino flavor, accented with a hint of spice Serving suggestions Serve on a cheese plate with honey, or grated over pasta instead of Pecorino Romano. Ingredients Pasteurized sheep’s milk, salt, chili pepper (0.5%), traditional rennet, ferments

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