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Pyramide De Fontenay


The Pyramide de Fontenay is an ash ripened goat cheese, produced in the French region of Touraine. It is very similar to Valencay cheese. This classic French cheese can be defined as one of Rodolphe le Meunier’s masterpieces, and after trying it you will understand why. The soft cheese has a dense and cakey paste at the center, whereas the layer just under the ash-dusted rind is creamy and luscious. The result is a very delicate cheese, with notes of grass and citrus. The Pyramide de Fontenay has a stark white paste which contrasts elegantly with the gray ash-treated rind. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: ash ripened, geotrichum rind. Ash develops a bluish-grey coloring. Paste is stark white with a chalky texture in the center but developing a creamier paste closest to the rind. Taste: bright and lactic. Serving suggestions Pairs nicely with dry sparkling wines as well as a crisp rose.

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