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Rupert Reserve


Inspired by alpine style cheeses, Rupert Reserve is an American artisan cheese produced by Consider Bardwell Farm, a 300 acre dairy located in Vermont. Here, delicious cheeses are made by cheese makers Angela Miller, Russell Glover and Chris Gray using the raw milk from their herd of goats and cow’s milk from their two neighboring farms. All the animals are rotationally grazed on pastures completely free of pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in sweet, delicious milk. The cheeses are masterfully created on their farm and aged in their very own caves. Rupert Reserve Cheese is made from hand-selected wheels of Rupert cheese which are set aside to age an additional three months. This time allows for more complex flavors to arise in the cheese, giving way to a slightly harder texture, and more mature, savory and tangy flavor. Organoleptic characteristics Aspect and consistency: This large 25 pounds wheel has a yellow rind and paste. The texture is semi-hard. Taste: Buttery and nutty, this cheese is a sure crowdpleaser. Serving suggestions Great eaten on its own or melted. Pairs well with an amber or pale ale. Ingredients Raw cow’s milk, rennet, culture, salt.

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