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Sola Val Casotto


This Italian whole cow’s milk cheese made in the mountains of Piemonte is deliciously complex. Sola (sometimes called Sora) refers to the sole of a shoe in the Piemontese dialect, and lends its name to this rectangular cheese. This version comes from the Val Casotto. According to stories, the shape of the cheese made it easy to transport from its origins high in the Piemontese Alps. It gets its distinctive mark on the rind from the cheese cloth in which it is drained. A traditional and rustic cheese, Sola Val Casotto Cheese is best in the summer when the cows are grazing on high alpine grasses. They lend complexity to the mild cheese. Unpretentious, the semi-firm cheese makes simple yet satisfying meal when paired with ripe fruit and salumi. With flavors of caramel, almonds and just a hint of grass, Sola Val Casotto is the gift that keeps on giving. Indeed, its flavors just go on and on! Incredibly pairable with a creamy yet semi-firm paste and rustic, natural rind, Sola exemplifies the perfect Piemontese Toma. Organoleptic Properties Aspect and consistency: Rustic natural rind gives way to a semi-firm and creamy interior Taste: Nutty, creamy and sweet Serving suggestions This cheese is incredibly pairable. Try with your favorite wine or beer, an apple and some Finnocchiona! Ingredients Pasteurized cow’s milk, traditional rennet, salt, lactic ferments

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