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Many people don’t know that some famed Italian cheeses such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola originated from another popular Italian cheese: Stracchino. Stracchino is a soft cheese made from stretched curd cow milk featuring a delicate flavor, a creamy texture, and typically a squared shape. The milk used to make Stracchino is from cows that make the seasonal trek to and from the rich meadows on the Alps. At the end of the journey the cows are exhausted and it seems that the milk from tired animals is richer in butterfat. For this reason, it was historically used to make special dairy products. This tradition is celebrated in the name of the cheese: Stracchino derives from the word Stracco, meaning ‘œtired’. Stracchino is a Italian creamy cheese, perfect for melting or in salads. It’s even great in some desserts! Stracchino: Tips, Infos and Recipes Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: soft and spreadable texture with a creamy white hue. Taste: milky and fresh with creamy, sweet notes. Serving suggestions Stracchino is used either alone, as a table cheese or spread on bread, on pizza or crostini. Great matched with vegetables with a bitter taste, such as radicchio, artichokes, chicory. Also perfect to make many pasta recipes, risottos, pies, rolls. In many recipes it is matched with cured meats or sausages with an intense flavor, such as Speck. Cheese pairings Wine: light white or rose wines. Beer: Old Ale, Trappist, Porter. Jam: figs jam. Pickles: onion chutney. Ingredients Pasteurized cow’s milk, culture, traditional rennet, salt. Recipes and more curiosities Cucumber with Stracchino Cheese and Black Olives Crispy Ham Baskets Stuffed with Stracchino and Pears Savory Cheesecake with Stracchino and Italian Ham Stracchino cheese: where to buy? On Sensibus.com of course!

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