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Taleggio Raw Milk Dop


Taleggio Raw Milk DOP is a very popular Italian cheese produced on the mountains of Val Taleggio. Famous for it’s pungent aroma and delicious taste, Taleggio is extremely versatile. This particular Taleggio is called “a munta calda” because the cheesemaking process begins while the milk is still warm from the cow. Unpasteurized and extremely fresh, the cheese with which it’s made is complex and nuanced. The king of Taleggios, this Italian cheese is made using only the traditional technique and boasts the DOP stamp. Taleggio, raw cow’s milk cheese is aged in ancient caves where it is continually washed in order to create the bright orange rind typical of washed rind cheese. Fruity and yeasty, this cheese is delicious when melted on sandwiches, pizza, in arancini or simply eaten on its own. A sure crowdpleaser. Organoleptic properties Aspect and texture: soft, yielding, ivory or yellow paste, more melting towards the edges with few holes. Damp reddish rind Taste: fruity and yeasty Serving suggestions Full bodied Piemontese red wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, or a sparkling wine like Prosecco. Ingredients raw cow’s milk, culture, traditional rennet, salt

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