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Wildflower Honey & Pecorino Filiano


Here we are with another cheese and honey combination: Pecorino di Filiano cheese and wildflower honey. Wildflower honey Wildflower honey is among the most common and widespread honeys. It is produced from the nectar of several species of flowers, and is recommended in particular for children, young people, sportsmen, pregnant women, the elderly, to combat against stress and to treat coughs. Furthermore it helps to fix the calcium and magnesium to the bones. Wildflower honey is more re less fluid or crystallized depending on the flowers used. It also varies in color, smell and taste. Each type of organic honey harvested by Alce Nero’s consortium of beekeepers comes from a specific region of Italy. Read more on our organic wildflower honey. Pecorino di Filiano DOP Pecorino di Filiano is a cheese made from sheep’s milk in the northern Apennines of Basilicata. Its flavor is intense and aromatic, mostly herbaceous, sometimes spicy. It is perfect grated on meat sauce or simply cut as a table cheese with a drizzle of high quality honey, for a delicious cheese and honey plate. Read more information on Pecorino di Filiano. Serving suggestions A cheese and honey appetizer is the most refined idea to start a special dinner. Here is a quick cheese and honey recipe to preprare: grill some slices of Pecorino cheese, meanwhile melt some honey in a pan on low heat. Drizzle the honey sauce on the cheese and serve very hot.

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